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Mermaid Performer Swims 12 Hours A Day Kép


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Leírás Pic shows: Performers at the Undersea World...This young woman working at a Chinese ocean park pretends to be a mermaid for 12 hours a day - and did not know how to swim until a month ago...Cai Qian said she was drawn to the unique profession because of Disney’s "The Little Mermaid" and had to overcome her fear of water so she could put on the shiny tail...She is now a regular performer at the Deep Dream Underwater World in Xiangyang City in China’s central Hubei Province which opened after a 10-million-RMB (1.1-million-GBP) investment this last spring...Incredibly, Cai, 22, has to do seven shows, meaning she has to swim around as mermaid for up to 12 hours every day...It is not always fun, because as a result Cai showers eight times through the day..."Because the tanks are filled with seawater," she explained...The shows have increased in frequency because of this week’s National Day crowds, who will continue to pour into the ocean park until the end of China’s "Golden Week" holidays...The Deep Dream Underwater World displays around 5,000 polar marine animals belonging to more than 50 species, including sharks, manta rays, eels and sea turtles, all of which Cai gets to swim with...Amazingly, Cai said she did not know how to swim until one month ago. She had to pick up the skill very quickly in order to land the job...But Cai said she and other performers like her only have four days off in a year - the price to pay for living the mermaid dream...(ends) Object name: Mermaid Performer Swims 12 Hours A Day

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Cím Mermaid Performer Swims 12 Hours A Day
Azonosító s_26075515
Licensz Sajtó fotó
Ügynökség Asia Wire Report
Ügynökségi szám
Filenév AsiaWire_MermaidPerformer_05.jpg
Beérkezési dátum 2017-10-05
Készítési dátum 2017-10-05
Szerző AsiaWire (photographer)
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