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Ski Resort Statue Gives Putin Extra Inches Kép


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Leírás Pics shows: The bronze sculpture of Vladimir Putin;..A winter sports resort has raised eyebrows by erecting a larger-than-life bronze statue of Russian President Vladimir Putin clutching a pair of skis...The monument has gone on display at the Adzhigardak ski resort in the Ashinsky District of south-central Russia's Chelyabinsk Oblast region...It depicts the macho Russian leader, 65, dressed in a winter sport suit and holding a pair of ski in his right hand...The bronze statue stands 1.8 metres tall (5 ft 11 ins), compared to Putin's 1.7 metres (5ft 7ins), presumably to guard against offending the all-powerful president...A ski resort spokesman claimed that the monument was a thank-you to Putin for making skiing popular in Russia...Russia's action man president has frequently been pictured skiing over the years, as well as taking part in many other sports...Aleksey Karelin, head of the Adzhigardak ski resort, stressed they were grateful to Putin for setting "an example of a man who leads a healthy lifestyle"...He said: "Thanks to the president, mountain skiing has become popular, and many people have started practising this sport."..The official unveiling of the monument is set for 25th November, which will mark the official start of the winter sports season...Netizen ‘Ilya Gamzin’ said: "As far as I know, Putin is very cold to such things. Also, these days it's considered bad taste to make monuments to people who are still alive."..But ‘Elena Suvorova’ argued: "Let it stay there. Everything has a right for existence."..Putin has often been photographed enjoying macho sports - often bare-chested - including hunting, horse-riding, fishing, ice hockey, judo and lake swimming. Object name: Ski Resort Statue Gives Putin Extra Inches

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Cím Ski Resort Statue Gives Putin Extra Inches
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Licensz Sajtó fotó
Ügynökség Central European News (CEN)
Ügynökségi szám
Filenév CEN-PresidentSculpture-01.jpg
Beérkezési dátum 2017-11-10
Készítési dátum 2017-11-09
Szerző CEN/ (photographer)
Copyright CEN/ Kredit: CEN/ Forrás: CEN/

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