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Plumbing Horror As Berries Bubble Out Of Toilet Kép


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Leírás Pic shows: The accident scene...A flat resident was horrified to see a hug mound of berries bubbling up out of their toilet...The unnamed ground-floor resident called emergency plumbers to the flat in the town of Vorkuta in north-central Russia's Komi Republic after witnessing the phenomenon...The eruption of berries lasted for more than three hours, said the emergency plumbing engineer called to the scene Ivan Yeger...He said: "This is the first time I see anything like that, even though I’ve been working in this field for a long time."..Mr Yeger noted that after three and a half hours of work they managed to eliminate the sewage clog...It emerged that the huge pile of dog rose berries (Rosa canina) had been flushed down the toilet by the resident of an upstairs flat...But they had not disappeared into the sewers as expected and had for unexplained reasons re-emerged in a different toilet...After finishing his work, Mr Yeger wanted to share a message with local residents, asking them to be more considerate in their actions...He wrote on his social media account: "These dog rose berries appeared in the flat on the ground floor. We’ve been cleaning out the clog for three and a half hours..."People, please do some thinking prior to throwing something into the toilet. It is not really nice to pick faeces out of your fingers after work!"..Netizen ‘zhitel’ said: "Someone was too lazy to take out the rubbish. This is awful."..While ‘****’ added: "People who do such things should be caught and punished."..(ends) Object name: Plumbing Horror As Berries Bubble Out Of Toilet

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Cím Plumbing Horror As Berries Bubble Out Of Toilet
Azonosító s_26648063
Licensz Sajtó fotó
Ügynökség Central European News (CEN)
Ügynökségi szám
Filenév CEN-DogRose-01.jpg
Beérkezési dátum 2017-11-13
Készítési dátum 2017-11-13
Szerző CEN/Ivan Yeger (photographer)
Copyright CEN/Ivan Yeger Kredit: CEN/Ivan Yeger Forrás: CEN/Ivan Yeger

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