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Woman Is Serbian Pocahontas After Joining Tribe Kép


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Leírás Pic shows: Kristina Stepanic (left) with a member of the tribe...A woman is calling herself the Serbian Pocahontas after being accepted into an Amazonian tribe during a visit...Serbian tourist Kristina Stepanic visited the tribe in Ecuador and was surprised to find herself integrating and becoming part of the group...The 27-year-old tour guide said: "They gathered around me and shyly laughed, they talked between them, just like little girls do when they are ashamed..."I felt that they are pleased because they can do that. They started decorating me and I got a skirt made out of wattle, decorated colourful feathers on the head and red tribal markings on the face..."Braids were mandatory. And so Serbia got its own Pocahontas..."We immediately connected, I recognised myself in the people of Ecuador, especially in those who live in the tribes in Amazon jungle. They welcomed me with excitement and they showed me how they hunt, how they make dishes, and homes, I've met their pets (dogs, parrots, and cats)."..And she said she enjoyed the tribe’s courtship rituals, without revealing whether she had found an Ecuadorean boyfriend...She added: "Although courting is almost dead in the modern world, just deep in that small part of the Amazonian forest, it is completely different..."Traditional dance is performed around the fire. And the tradition requires for a man and a girl to dance in a pair, girls sit around in a circle, and the boys are approaching them. They play and the girls dance. Basically, you spin around and you clap your hands..."You forget everything else and you return to the time when men took the first step, and the girls shyly smiled..."They are very beautiful, they have a sleek tan, brilliant eyes and beautiful long hair..."The girls weren't very talkative, but they definitely like the procedure, just like when they draw on me."..Kristina says she went to Ecuador because of its spectacular mountains, waterfalls and jungles but that she was happy to have foun Object name: Woman Is Serbian Pocahontas After Joining Tribe

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Cím Woman Is Serbian Pocahontas After Joining Tribe
Azonosító s_26940023
Licensz Sajtó fotó
Ügynökség Central European News (CEN)
Ügynökségi szám
Filenév CEN-PrincessTribe-02.jpg
Beérkezési dátum 2017-12-05
Készítési dátum 2017-12-05
Szerző CEN/Instagram (photographer)
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