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OAP Draws Giant Xmas Card In Snow Of Frozen River Kép


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Leírás Pic shows: The giant post card...An arty pensioner has created a giant Christmas card for his village in the snow that is lying on the ice of a frozen river...Valery Melnikov stepped out onto ice in the Siberian village of Markovo in far-eastern Russia's Amur Oblast region to create the seasonal design...Using only a brush and a shovel, he carved out a massive Christmas message in the snow for his fellow villagers...The design features people around a Christmas tree and the message: "Happy New Year!"..Mr Melnikov has created a festive message for the village each winter on the frozen river for the last seven years...Local authority spokesman Yuri Shmilev from the local administration said: "He does not overthink the images, but cuts those that are easy to recognise and that are close to hearts of every Russian – snowmen, Christmas trees, different animals and the mandatory line – 'Happy New Year'."..Mr Melnikov spends days creating his Christmas cards and never asks for any help - other than being left in peace to get on with the work...Once the design is completed, he revisits it each day, keeping it in shape by using his tools to remove any extra snow...Netizen ‘V.M.’ commented: "Thank you for this prettiness. You are great. Wishing you a good health and many years to come", while 'Nikolay Smirnov’ added: "Thank you for this frozen beauty. You are doing a good job."..Markovo lies close to the Chinese border in Amur Oblast where Siberian winters can bring average daily temperatures down to around minus 24 degrees Celsius...Christmas is celebrated on 7th January in Russia but the major winter holiday is New Year's Eve which is marked by celebrations and parties across the country...(ends) Object name: OAP Draws Giant Xmas Card In Snow Of Frozen River

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Cím OAP Draws Giant Xmas Card In Snow Of Frozen River
Azonosító s_26952794
Licensz Sajtó fotó
Ügynökség Central European News (CEN)
Ügynökségi szám
Filenév CEN-RiverDrawing-01.jpg
Beérkezési dátum 2017-12-06
Készítési dátum 2017-12-06
Szerző CEN/VK (photographer)
Copyright CEN/VK Kredit: CEN/VK Forrás: CEN/VK

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