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Male Politicians Racy Photos Shock Voters Sajtó fotó Kép


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Leírás Pics shows: Oleg Sukhov explained the social media images that surfaced were realized during a special 8th of March Women's Day photo shoot four years ago;..An ambitious politician with eyes on President Putin's job has shocked voters by posing naked with only strategically placed roses to protect his modesty...Oleg Sukhov, a lawyer and a regional deputy in the Russian capital city of Moscow, certainly seems very comfortable in his own skin...A series of photographs have emerged online of the politician showing off his muscular body while lying naked on a bed, and also on a beach...Mr Sukhov works for the Nagorniy district municipal office in Moscow but admits that he has ambitions to be president...The photographs, which show him staring sultrily at the camera, shocked online commentators when they surfaced on social media where they spread like wildfire...Some people seemed rather taken by the photographs, including netizen ‘Artyom Bagoev’ who said: "I would totally vote for him."..But some people felt the pictures were inappropriate including one anonymous poster who said: "He seems a bit old to be a model, and a little too stupid to be a deputy."..And shocked former colleague ‘Valentina Nikolaeva’ added: "Oh my, us lawyers knew him from a completely different side. Now we know him from this new angle."..Mr Sukhov said the pictures had been taken for International Women's Day in Russia four years ago and uploaded recently online without his permission...He said: "Four years ago, when I wasn’t a deputy, I participated in a photoshoot. We tried out a bunch of looks. We wanted to show my physical shape."..Thee deputy, who has been practising law since 2002, admits to working hard to keep in great shape, exercising until he "almost pukes" every day...Mr Sukhov jokes about his lofty ambitions with friends, often beginning comments with: "When I'm president...."..In a recent interview, he said: "Every joke is only partially a joke, and of course I would like Object name: Male Politicians Racy Photos Shock Voters


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Cím Male Politicians Racy Photos Shock Voters
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Ügynökség Central European News (CEN)
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Beérkezési dátum 2017-10-06
Készítési dátum 2017-10-06
Szerző CEN (photographer)
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